Christ Missionary & Industrial College (CM&I) announces course offerings for the Spring 2022 semester. Classes are available online and enrollment is open to any individual interested in receiving formal, biblical instruction. Course offerings include:

MST-103: Nature and Mission of the Church
Spring & online course
Instructor: Elder James E. Turner, Sr.

This course is designed as an intensive study of the early church from the Acts of the Apostles with a view toward the contemporary church, fulfilling the role of the church in its truest sense.

FST-105S: Committed Women Working for Christ
Spring & online course

Course Overview: A study of women being committed to the work of Christ with special emphasis given to in-reach and out-reach. In this course, students will explore what it means for women being committed to Christ; how to do in-reach and out-reach by demonstrating love for sisters of faith and the lost; and how to walk worthy of the vocation in which Christian women are called. We will study principles of Biblical women and explore how to apply these principles in our lives, church and community.

CE- 518: Introduction to Kingdom Principle I
Instructor: Bishop Glake Hill, Jr.

Course Overview: Jesus declares at the beginning of His ministry that the “Kingdom of God is here.” John the Baptist previously calls for people to repent because the “Kingdom of God” was coming. We are called as disciples to operate in and represent the Kingdom. But what is the Kingdom? How do we operate in it? Why is it important for us to live from a kingdom perspective? Join Bishop Glake Hill as we explore the basic Biblical principles of the Kingdom of Heaven and how they apply to our individual lives. This course is a 10-week introductory course specifically geared toward any believer who wishes to increase their understanding, appreciation, and experience in God’s plan for their lives.

Classes begin February 1, 2022. Registration begins January 17-26 (last day of registration).

All courses are (3) semesters hours, or $200 plus $50 registration fee. Non-credit students, $100 plus $50 registration fee (each semester).
For more information, contact Eld. James Turner, President & Dean, 601-750-4133.

February 14, 2022
Last Day to Add Courses; Official Registration Deadline for Standard Courses for Students; Last Day for Students to Change Standard Courses from Credit to Audit Status

February 21, 2022
Presidents’ Day Holiday

February 24, 2022
Last Day to Drop Standard Courses (without a “W” grade);

March 5 – March 13, 2022
Spring Recess

March 14, 2022
Classes Resume

April 1, 2022
Last Day to Drop Standard Courses (with a “W” grade)

April 13, 2022
Last Day to Officially Take a Leave of Absence or Withdraw from the College

May 4, 2022
Last Day of Classes

May 1 – May 6, 2022
Study Period

May 9, 2022
Final Exams