Blessings COCHUSA Family,

              On Wednesday night, May 1, 2019, the National Men’s Ministry of the Church of God in Christ made a special presentation to our own Senior Bishop Vernon Kennebrew. Senior Bishop Kennebrew was honored along with four other pastors from the metropolitan area of Little Rock, AR for their outstanding community service.  Approximately 1,500 brothers from across the nation were present that night along with a nice gathering of members from the 1st District of the Great Southwestern Diocese. Senior Bishop Kennebrew works tirelessly within Christ Temple Cathedral Little Rock where he pastors and in the community. He serves on different local boards and ministerial alliance, a mentor for one of the local schools, a loving husband and father, the presiding officer of the Southwestern Diocese and Senior Bishop of the COCHUSA.

    We commend you Senior Bishop Kennebrew for how you’ve sacrificed much for the cause of Christ and the love of His people.

God Bless and shake Bishop Kennebrew’s hand the next time you see him. (<:

Ambassador Allen