Hello COCHUSA Family,

This year’s 14th annual COCHUSA Golf Classic was another great time of fellowship in Maumelle, AR at the Country Club of Arkansas. The golf tournament is presented each year to help us raise funds for COCHUSA Scholarships that are given out each year at our Nat’l Convention. Last year, fourteen $1,000 scholarships were given out to our COCHUSA undergrad students and $500 was presented towards Liberian scholarships. We’ve presented over $155,000 in scholarships over the past 14-years and we expect as high a seventeen scholarships to be given this year! We thank those of you who sponsored golf-holes and gave contributions towards this yearly event. One of the awards we give out during the tournament for the last four years is the “Dr Lloyd Elam Sportsmanship Award.” The local committee chooses this person each year for one who demonstrates great sportsmanship throughout the day, encourages others and supports the cause of scholarships to our young people. By the way, everybody actually comes for the Big-Dinner we serve. They just happen to play a little golf while there! (<: Bishop Vernon Kennebrew was with us this year and one of our KJA Scholarship board members, Sis Francia Ware, drove from Chicago, IL to help out. Brother’s William Sherman and Bernard Coleman and Sister’s Marva Davis, Judi Sherman and Dianne Allen are to be commended for their hard work in pulling this tournament together each year and making it a success.

Hopefully many of you will join us at the Nat’l Convention in Santa Clara, CA on Thursday night 25-July-13 at 10:00pm as we “Bowl-for-Scholarships!” All Information, Guidelines and Team Registration forms are attached in this e-mail. Teams from different Dioceses have already started registering and TALKING-UP how their team is the BEST, especially some of the teams from the South Central, North Central and the Western Dioceses! Guess we’ll see. (<: And maybe a dark-horse might just do them all in! Guess we’ll see. (<: There are rumors of……a Board of Bishop’s team, some teams of District Chairman’s, some ladies teams that will shame everybody and some young-adult teams that will show us how it’s done! Guess we’ll see. (<:  Just come on out and join the FUN as we Fellowship together and raise some much needed funds for our scholarships.

God Bless each of you and THANKS for your support,

Bro. Allen

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