Picture this: A white sandy beach, clear blue ocean water (marine life included…lol), a warm gentle breeze, and the company of some of God’s greatest creations… His people! This backdrop served as the perfect stage for God to challenge young adults to SPREAD THE FIRE in His name!! From the moment that we stepped foot on the resort grounds, to the moment we all went our separate ways, we were enveloped with excitement, cloaked with encouragement, and challenged in love!! During the course of the weekend we were reminded that when serving in a ministerial capacity, it’s not about oneself! We were advised of the importance of seeking out what our spiritual gifts are, so that we can work effectively in ministry. We made distinctions between simply attending events at church, merely saying that you belong to a ministry, and being actively engaged in a ministry on the local church level. We discussed the importance of Godly relationships and branding oneself from a social networking perspective. We had an opportunity for a period of self examination where we searched our souls for things that we know inhibited our ability to fervently serve the Lord. Ultimately, we left Panama spiritually recharged and on assignment to selflessly serve God and his people!