What a wonderful gathering and birthday celebration that was held Saturday 8-Sept-12, at COCHUSA Mother Church in Jackson, MS in honor of our dear Friend, Eld Lee P. Camper. God has been good to our brother for 90 years and still counting. Many gathered from across the South Central Diocese to say Thank-You for all his kind acts through the years. During the service, Eld Camper was Roasted and Praised by many of his friends from across the years. A dream-goal of his is to cushion the pews at the COCHUSA Mother Church so all funds that were collected in honor of his birthday are to be deposited into a set-aside fund to purchase cushions for all pews in the sanctuary. It’s not too late to make your contribution in honor of this great man toward this great cause because we still didn’t make our goal of $25,000. Our Mother Church would look and feel wonderful with new cushioned pews throughout the sanctuary and Eld Lee P. Camper would be the happiest man on earth!

My wife Dianne and I, presented Eld Camper a COCHUSA Ambassador’s Awards for all his great works and sacrifices through the years.