Greetings COCHUSA Family,

I visited with Christ Temple COCHUSA Seattle, WA on Sunday afternoon, January 26, 2020 where the pastor is Eld Michael Brannon. The church has been meeting the last three months on Sunday afternoons at 3pm and they’re very eager to worship our Lord and bring others in to join them. Together Christ Temple and Bethany COCHUSA presented a Community Singing program during the 3pm afternoon service time and had a wonderful gathering of singers and quartets and attendees from all over the city which I participated in also. This was an excellent outreach ministry program and hopefully will help to get Christ Temple Church and Pastor Brannon better known in the community.

I’m always inspired with the love and spirit of our people. Even when things are not all good, they still have love and excitement in their eyes and heart. God was good throughout the trip and blessed us to have a wonderful time together and blessed me to have a safe journey.

God Bless,

Ambassador Allen