On Sunday November 28, 2018, the 22nd appreciation services were celebrated for Eld Joseph Pridgen. Eld Pridgen is senior pastor of Sweet Rest COCHUSA in Pearl, MS and the church was rocking with love and appreciation for this deserving pastor. A large membership was present and wonderful words were said and shared throughout the morning service and afternoon. A delicious meal was enjoyed by all after the service and most stayed and packed into the dining area for dinner and presentations from the different auxiliaries and boards of the church. This wonderful day was ended with all singing together, “We come this far by Faith, Leaning on the Lord!” Pastor Pridgen and wife were very happy throughout the day and the entire month of October because the church did special things for the family each Sunday during the month. Sweet Rest COCHUSA is a church that demonstrates that they are….“Better Together.”

God Bless,
Ambassador Allen