Praise GOD for his goodness and his wonderful works to the children of man!

The Church of Christ (Holiness) USA invites you to share feedback to your presiding bishop on his discharge of duties as the presiding officer of your diocese. Your opinion will be combined with the perspective of others from across your diocese and shared with your bishop and the Senior Bishop. These results will both affirm the strengths of your presiding officer and help identify areas for growth. You are asked to prayerfully consider and respond to the questions posed in this survey. Your individual feedback will be kept strictly confidential and, when analyzed, will have no identifying markers. Please complete this evaluation at your earliest convenience. This assessment will only be available until June 6, 2016.

Our National Church has requested that each of our Dioceses participate in the evaluation of their presiding bishop. This will done on three levels:
1) Diocese Executive Board, 2) Pastors, and 3) laity or general members.

Levels one and two are currently being done and we asking you to do your part in completing level three by reading the information below and connecting to the link provided.
ALL members are encouraged to participate. In the case that a member does not have computer access, the local church is asked to assist those members at your church.  Youth who are 16 and above can also participate in the Bishop’s Evaluation for Laypersons. (See church Manual, Chapter I, Article III, Section 6, page 61.)

This process will end on June 6, 2016.

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