On Saturday November 16, 2019, all roads led to Atlanta, GA to be a part of the 90th birthday celebration for Bro Julius Cherry. The celebration was held that evening at Higher Calling Ministries COCHUSA pastored by Bishop Vonzell Castilla. Family and friends from across the country were in attendance for this great occasion. Many kind words, expressions and songs were shared throughout this formal gathering. Bishop Castilla and I presented Bro Cherry with a framed COCHUSA Happy Birthday Letter which includes all the Board of Bishops names inscribed and their dioceses and retired Bishops. Bro Cherry is one of our capable and dependable ushers that’s dutiful from the local church to the Nat’l Convention. Tears were shed by all in attendance and Bro Cherry was thankful for all that was done on his behalf. It was great to see and talk with many of our membership at this joyous 90th birthday celebration.

God Bless You Bro Cherry…Live Long and Prosper!!

Ambassador Kerry Allen