The official church year has gotten off to a robust start with the launch of new churches and fellowships across the national network. As 2015 marks the 150th celebration of Bishop Charles Price Jones, the Holiness movement flourishes in major, metropolitan areas.

TheRockLaunchBanner The Rock Church Worship Center

Launched on October 26, 2014

Located at 6016 S. I-55 Frontage Road, Byram MS

Member of South Central Diocese

City of Byram, Mississippi (Greater Jackson-Metro)

Joins the Central Miss. District (approx. 20 churches)

Led by Senior Pastor Chris Perkins (formerly New Home COCHUSA) and Associate Pastor Gregory McGee (formerly New Lake COCHUSA), The Rock Church has been founded as a multi-racial and diverse group of believers who actively take the gospel to a new generation. Perkins said he is convinced the Word of God is “transformative” and if presented in a genuine way, people will accept Christ.

“God doesn’t want us to leave where we are for the sake of starting another church. There are churches on every corner in America, it seems. We want to be an active, visible, vocal, and a valuable ministry,” Perkins says.

Located south of Jackson, Miss., Byram has been referred to as Mississippi’s fastest growing city. Incorporated since 2009, the U.S. Census reports that Byram has a population of approximately 11,500, an increase from 7,300 residents in 2000.


Grace Fellowship Church

Pastor Elder Greg Suttington

Launched on October 19, 2014

Located at 801 N. 17th Street, Kansas City, Kansas 66102

Member of North Central Diocese

City of Kansas City, Kansas

Located near Word of God Christian Center, Cathedral of St. Peter Church

It has been said God does addition by way of subtraction. This local congregation in Kansas City, Kan., is the result of two congregations, which decided to combine. Christ Temple Church of Christ (Holiness) USA in Kansas City, Kan. (1924) and New Life Church of Christ (Holiness) USA in Kansas City, Mo. (1981) re-established themselves as one family, under a new name: Grace Fellowship Church.

Pastor Gregory Suttington, who joined COCHUSA seven years ago, said the goal of this collaboration is to grow a solid foundation for a church that meets the needs of both congregations. “We want to build a positive image in our community and team up with other organizations to spread our ideas and be more outreaching,” he said.

Pastor Suttington invites old and new members of the Grace Fellowship Church to connect with the community during their Sunday services at 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. For more information or individual questions visit the Grace Fellowship Church on Facebook or reach out to Pastor Suttington at 913-281-0473.


Turners2-CochusaCOCHUSA Dallas Connection Fellowship

Launched on October 18, 2014

Member of South Western Diocese

City of Dallas, Texas (Ft. Worth/N. Dallas)

Located near Arlington Bible Fellowship


Transferred through his job as a network operations analyst with the United States Postal Service, Elder Osborne Turner and wife Ruth, invite current and former members of COCHUSA who have relocated to the DFW-area for fellowship and an opportunity to connect. Before relocating to Texas, Turner served as pastor of Caney Creek COCHUSA in Jackson, Miss.

Turner said, they became aware that a plan to serve in this area was already laid out by the COCHUSA leadership. The Turners are devoted to sharing the Gospel and impact as many lives as the Lord sends their way for the building up of the Kingdom. “We are a testimony of what the Lord can do in the Restoration process and it is our desire to serve and love as many souls as possible through this Church plant,” Turner said.

Tamara Walls, one of the new members at the Dallas Connection Fellowship, decided to join when she met Turner in 2014 while visiting her former church Mt. Zion in Jackson, Miss. “During my first visit, everyone was extremely welcoming and engaged me in conversation as though we had known each other for years. The word delivered was powerful and provided me with an overwhelming sense of joy, peace, love and protection. It feels like home,” she said. She thoroughly enjoys the small church atmosphere and the family spirit that is established as she engages in intimate worship.

The Turners are praying as they search for the perfect location between Fort Worth and North Dallas. They plan to secure a suitable facility by March 2015. Until then, the Church is meeting each 1st and 3rd Sunday in the home of Elder and Sister Turner.

Members or former members interested in reconnecting, or simply fellowshipping with Turner and other members of COCHUSA, click here


– written by Franziska Pirkl (