Yes, in the year of our Lord- Two Thousand and Twenty– has been, well, eventful.

This leap year (there was indeed a February 29) will be one to remember for many people and for many different reasons. Nearly 250,000 Americans have died from COVID-19, with many more having been affected with the loss of work, income, housing, and loved ones.

COCHUSA members who live along the U.S. Gulf Coast have collectively either dodged, been hit, or have feared the looming of nine named Hurricanes.

As a nation, Americans have also experienced a political-season that has managed to dominate the…entire…year. At the time of this writing- the U.S. Presidential Election is technically still underway.

COCHUSA Thanksgiving Greetings

Also, there are Murder Hornets somewhere in the Northwest. Many Americans have taken to social media to express their disdain, weariness, even vilification of the year- 2020.

This is a great time to insert a favorite line of church-going Saints everywhere, “But GOD…”

Members of COCHUSA would do well to remember that God truly is rich in mercy, grace and wisdom. Our times are in his hands. It is with this sentiment the COCHUSA Unified Media & Communications Team launches a social media campaign through the remainder of the year. This campaign brings together the best of our faith and doctrine: Holiness and Thanksgiving, which leads us to praise.

#AHolyThanks is an opportunity to share our thanks directed to God, for all He has done despite, well, 2020. We encourage you to download and utilize #AHolyThanks images as you see fit by typing your own words over the image. Use this as your own digital testimony of prayers answered or being answered. Connect and Share with us on Official COCHUSA Facebook Page and @COCHUSA_Global on Twitter. Encourage your world.