On behalf of the Board of Bishops, we extend a “Happy Easter” to you and the communities in which you serve. We hope you’ve enjoyed the weekly National Prayer Call “Six Words from the Cross,” led by various COCHUSA speakers throughout our national work. It’s amazing what we can do from the comfort of our homes. 

However, we encourage you to remind your communities that some things are best experienced – in person. For those who have yet to return to in-person worship since the pandemic began, Easter 2023 is a great time to renew in-person fellowship. 
Finally, as we apply our National Theme to this special season in Christendom – we are thankful that Christ, seeing that the “Time [Was] Now”, left eternity in coming to Earth ultimately to die for our sins. We surely are glad that the Saviour knew the “time was now” in bringing mankind back to God by giving His very own life. 

In His Service,

Seeking His Face, 

Bishop Vernon E. Kennebrew | Senior Bishop

Bishop Lindsay E. Jones | National President