Greetings COCHUSA Family,

Praise God for His goodness and His wonderful works to the children of man!

The Dallas Connection Fellowship worked out quite well and served as a excellent start for a potential mission launch. There were ten persons present who are part of the planning committee, including Eld. Osborne & Sis Ruth Turner. Also, there were an additional nine of us supporters who participated in the session.

We received various presentations regarding our church, the District, men and women ministry, Sunday School & HYM, YAM, evangelism, the demographics of North Dallas and COCHUSA music. Eld. Turner delivered a brief message from Matthew 17:20 on “A Cruise Ship To Great Faith” and we had a wonderful lunch.

An offering of $623.00 was received and these funds will be credited into the SW Diocese Mission Board funds which will in turn help the Dallas Connection Church Plant as needed.

Overall, this initial event was a tremendous success.  Eld. Turner, Sis. Turner, and the Planning Committee are to commended for their efforts and God is to be praised for a Glorious Gathering of the saints!

I would like to personally thank all those in attendance, including our National Ambassador, Bro. Kerry Allen.


In His Service,

Bishop Vernon E. Kennebrew