Join the COCHUSA Family
in a nine month
‘Total Temple Restoration & Renewal Program’

During the wellness workshop at the convention we saw and heard testimonies’ of how God had blessed some of our sisters and brothers to move to a healthier life style. If the truth be made known, we could all do a better job of taking care of our Temples, spiritually, physically, and mentally. God has given us our precious Temples to serve as Kingdom Builders for Him. If we are not physically and spiritually fit to build His Kingdom we have no other reason to exist. He literally gave His life for us! How much more should we work for the cause of His Kingdom?

Beginning September 1, 2013 through May 31, 2014, Join the Challenge to become ‘Fitful & Faithful’ for Kingdom building.

Download the Fitness Challenge Form here:
Fitness Challenge Form

If you have the courage to take the challenge please send your name, diocese, local church and age range to the following email address:

Stay in touch and share your progress via:

  • facebook; MRCFCochusa Fitness
  • Twitter @FitCochusa

It really is a good thing and a GOD thing!!