Hello COCHUSA Family,

On Monday, 10-Nov-2014, many of us gathered at the “East Point First Mallalieu United Methodist Church” for the home-going celebration service of our dear Friend and Brother, Elder Ronald E. Moore. It was a very large glorious gathering of approximately 700 in attendance. Friends from far and near came to say fare-well to our brother in Christ and to extend and express love to his remaining Family. Elder Moore’s home-going was a great celebration of worship, songs and praise!! The eulogy was delivered by the SE/E Diocese presiding officer, Bishop Maurice Nicholson and the Nat’l Convention President, Bishop Vernon Kennebrew had words to say on behalf of the COCHUSA body of members. Please excuse the quality of the pictures that are attached because they were taken with my I-phone and not my camera but I did want to share the essence of how the service went for those who weren’t able to attend. Many of our Bishops, District Chairman’s, Nat’l Board members and fellow pastors were in attendance. Let’s continue to pray for Sis Carolyn Moore and Family and for the Welcome All COCHUSA church Family as they walk on by faith to continue doing the will our Lord.


God Bless and EACH-ONE WIN-ONE for the Lord,

Ambassador Allen