Linda McDonald has a friendly and down-to-earth demeanor. It would not be a stretch to say that anyone meeting her for the first time would be immediately put at ease.   Even during a phone interview, her relatability and warmth are a testament as to why she was elected as the United Christian Women’s Ministry President during the 124th National Convention of the Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A. in July 2021. The United Christian Women’s Ministries, or UCWM, is an auxiliary within COCHUSA. The mission of this national ministry is to “cultivate accountable relationships between women, while training, educating, building, evangelizing, and mentoring youth and children.” 

As incoming president, McDonald frequently reminds herself to remain prayerful as she endeavors to keep the women she serves engaged and encouraged. “We want to be a ministry about [all] women, not just COCHUSA, more than just the women of this church…[but] women of the world, the community,” says McDonald, who reads as much as she can about serving women and women’s ministries in general. 

McDonald says she believes it’s important to have an ear to listen to the hearts of women.  

Her agenda for the National UCWM ministry includes revamping the UCWM website, working with the board on planned projects, articulating with her fellow board members, and ensuring everyone is on the same page. “We want to have relatable, encouraging, and empowering content on our website, something that can help visitors though their journey.” 

In the past, she has served as Secretary of the Southeastern Diocese, Treasurer then First Vice-President of the UCWM, National Church Budget committee member, National Benefit Board member, and as the Vice-President of the Sunday School and HYM for the Georgia District. McDonald has decided not to serve in other national, diocese, district capacities so that she may focus on her role as National UCWM President.

McDonald is currently the director of Higher Calling Christian Academy, where she supervises staff and marketing. The academy is an entity of Higher Calling Foundation Inc. and her beloved church Higher Calling Ministries COCHUSA. As a nonprofit, Higher Calling Foundation Inc. provides resources to the community and meets holistic needs. Twice a month the academy donates to area food banks and engages the community by hosting events related to childcare, parenting, and holiday celebrations. She supports her local church as a Sunday School and Bible Study teacher. 

An early riser, McDonald typically starts her day with devotional reading which she says brings her inspiration and clarity. When she is not serving at the daycare, she can be found working on COCHUSA-related business, sending emails and scheduling meetings. “There’s always a discussion on the direction of COCHUSA, where we [UCWM] want to be, how to improve, how to level up,” McDonald added.

In her spare time, McDonald enjoys trying new, adventurous things and traveling. She walks for exercise and spends time with her family. She is married to Deacon John T. McDonald, and they have one son, John McDonald II.