Christina Hardy

Christina Hardy

A Detroit, Michigan native, Christina Hardy is a committed leader who wears many hats. At her local church, Zion Chapel Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A, she sings with the Voices of Zion Choir and is lead teacher of multiple classes: Sunday School Young Adult Class, the Young Adult Ministry (YAM), Vacation Bible School class for teens, the teen segment of the of Zion Chapel’s Children’s Church, and a former pastor’s secretary.

“I love it because I teach what I would have wanted someone to tell me when I was younger. I like to give people different perspectives and strategies to not only learn about Christianity but to just be a Christian and…to have a fulfilled life. Her definition of a fulfilled life is learning, growing, trying new things, and regularly facing your fears.

A “self-help junkie,” Hardy began her journey as a life coach when, at 17, she read the book, “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway.” She was attempting to discover new ways to overcome fears experienced by many, such as public speaking and meeting new people. Eventually, journal writing would provide Hardy with more insight as to whom she was becoming as a young adult. “That’s why I like coaching because it’s such an individualized and personalized process as far as interviewing yourself and asking yourself questions…to find out what you need and what direction you want to go. I also teach people [how] to pay attention to what you believe…and how to stay in the present.”

Six years later, Hardy experienced some challenges which led to depression and suicidal thoughts. However, her relationship with God helped her to overcome.

“I dug deeper into my understanding of God, and upon finding out who He was, I realized that everyone needs to know Him.” Discovering God in a deeper, more meaningful way, ignited within her a passion to teach others in a way in which she had not seen before. “[God] is a power that resides within us that we access through His Word, our thinking, and our feelings,” a thought she conveys to younger audiences and individuals she works with as a life coach.

When not serving at Zion Chapel or working with clients, Hardy is an executive assistant and programming coordinator at NBC-affiliate WDIV (Channel 4) news station, where she has been employed for 13 years. In the future, she plans to transition into becoming a full-time life coach.