Hello COCHUSA Saints,

On last weekend March 24-25, 2012, I spent some time with our people at the St Matthew COCHUSA and other Churches in the district. I was able to visit some of our members in their homes which was very special for me and I hope for them also. We had a glorious gathering, good-time during Sunday Service. St Matthew’s newly appointed pastor, Eld Jimmie Ervin, blessed us with some good Word that Sunday morning which left us all clapping and rejoicing the praises of the Lord. The afternoon concert was complimented with a host of invited performing guest from though out the community. Together, we all blessed the Lord and had a wonderful time while doing so. I hope you enjoy the pictures that are attached and maybe recognize some of your long time friends that you know from attending conventions. We had a wonderful visit and God blessed our coming and going. Special thanks to Pastor Ervin for doing much of the ground work in preparation for my visit and special thanks to Deacon Toney & Dr. Florencetta Gibson for opening their doors and sharing their hospitality with me. Lord willing, I’ll return in October or November to recognize Deacon Brown who’s turning 100 years old in October. (He’s the brother with the white hair that you see standing and singing.)

Keep the Faith and God Bless, Bro. Allen