July 18, 2012

Eddie L. Brown
COCHUSA Communications
(769) 218-8577

(DURHAM, N.C.) – Nearly 1,600 delegates from across the U.S. will meet in Durham, North Carolina, bringing with them an estimated $1.4M in direct spending throughout the city during July 19-24. The delegates will visit Durham for the 116th National Convention of the Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A. and the 72nd annual session of the denomination’s auxiliary, Sunday School and Holiness Youth Ministry Congress.

During the convention, activities and events will be held as early as Wednesday, July 18 through Tuesday, July 24, and include music concerts, a Children’s Convention, a 24-hour prayer vigil, and youth contests (Bible Quizzes and Music Competitions).

According to the Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau, the national church convention will bring in more than $40,000 in local tax revenue when dining, using hotel accommodations or making purchases while in the city.

Last year, COCHUSA held its national convention in Chicago. More than 2,000 delegates attended with an economic impact of $2.5M. Whether Durham could see that type of economic activity is possible, said Obadiah Jenkins Jr., coordinator of the national convention.

“We actually anticipate attendance to blow past 1,600 due to a few factors. In 116 years, our national church has never hosted a convention in North Carolina— we don’t even have a local congregation in the state. I think our members are curious as to why we would be in North Carolina, since we usually host our national conventions in cities where local congregations are present,” Jenkins said.

“Also, much like the political landscape in our nation, 2012 is an election year in our church. Though our elections aren’t as intense as national politics, I think a lot of our members are just as excited to have a voice in electing the people who will lead our denomination throughout the next four years.”

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