March 13, 2020

“Carrying the torch of Holiness in the twenty-first century”

SUBJECT: Our Response To the Coronavirus Challenge

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in the time of trouble.” Psalms 46:1

Praise God for his goodness and his wonderful works to the children of man!

As you should be currently aware, our country has been affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) for many weeks. The spread of this virus is causing quite a bit of alarm among large numbers of
U. S. citizens, both believers and non-believers. For the Christian, we take comfort and trust God in all situations and sincerely place our hope in Him. This is an ideal time for us to share our faith with those who are anxious, fearful, or disturbed by this virus outbreak. Let them know our God is with us and will be our help in the time of trouble.

With that said, out of the abundance of caution there are a number of things that church leaders and members need to be mindful of as they come together. Please consider the following recommendations:

Prepare the Building

  1. Sanitize your buildings. Pay particular attending to restrooms, children areas, and frequently touched areas (counter tops, door knobs, microphones, light switches, faucets etc.).
  2. Have alcohol based hand sanitizers or antibacterial disposable wipes available at entryways.
  3. Have a generous supply of tissues (for sniffles and sneezes).

Inform the People

  1. Persons with a fever and a persistent cough should consider not coming.
  2. Elderly persons with a comprised immune system should not come.
  3. Greetings
    • Refrain from shaking hands or hugs (for this season)
    • Elbow bump, wave, pretend high five
  4. Communion
    • Consider using the individual servings of communion.
  5. Giving
    • Inform absent members to use online giving.
    • Encourage Finance Committee to wash or sanitize hands after counting money.

Support the Needy

  1. Deacons should care for the elderly and sick of the congregation.
  2. Identify people in need and designate people within your congregation to assist.
  3. Share the Gospel and a message of hope in troubled times.

These are just a few observations that we are sharing in the interest of our health. Please make the needed adjustments in your traditional behavior while we go through this season.

We love all of our members and seek the welfare and best interest of all who attend our worship services.

In His Service,
Bishop Vernon E. Kennebrew, Senior Bishop
Bishop Lindsay E. Jones, National President