Hello COCHUSA Family,

Many of us journeyed to Houston, TX on the weekend of 6-8-Nov-2015 to attend and participate in the Retirement Celebration services of Elder Huey and wife Sister Jessie Augustine. Pastor Augustine founded “Second Church of Christ (Holiness) USA” a number of years ago in his sister’s living room, then moved to a converted house and now a beautiful edifice with all the trimmings. God has richly blessed his ministry and COCHUSA is so proud and thankful that the Lord placed him and his Family in our midst. There was a formal dinner on Saturday night and all day of services on Sunday to celebrate the retirement of this loving couple. I ask for your prayers for Pastor and Sis Augustine as they adjust into this phase of life. Also be prayerful for Second Church as they seek the Lord for new leadership.

“In All of our ways, if we would acknowledge the Lord, He will direct our path!” (Proverbs 3:6)

God Bless and Love to all,
Bro. Kerry Allen
COCHUSA Ambassador