SC Diocese visit: Mt Olive COCHUSA, 100 Yr Old Celebration, CM&I Graduation, Nat’l Music Workshop!!

Hello COCHUSA Family,

Friday, May 15-18-2015 was extremely busy for many that traveled to the Jackson, MS area. I know Bishop Kennebrew and I were non-stop the entire weekend. There was a Parent Body Executive Board meeting on Saturday, the Geoffrey Golden concert and preaching service at Cynthia COCHUSA on Saturday night, worshiping with Mt Olive COCHUSA on Sunday morning, presentation of a plaque to our newest 100 year-old member Deacon Joseph Mickel at his home, attended the CM&I graduations on Sunday afternoon and praising the Lord in song as many of us attended the COCHUSA National Music Workshop on Sunday evening. WOW!! What a weekend but God was Good!

Attached are pictures from the Mt Olive COCHUSA visit, the presentation of the COCHUSA 100 year plaque to Deacon Joseph Mickel, CM&I graduation and the National Music Workshop Concert. I thank God for His traveling mercy and grace and returning everyone back home safely.

God Bless,

Ambassador Allen