Hello COCHUSA Family,

You missed a treat if you weren’t able to attend the “Ceremony of Celebration” held for Senior Bishop Vernon Kennebrew to celebrate the Lord elevating him to the office of Senior Bishop of the Church of Christ (Holiness) USA. The celebration was held at Christ Temple Cathedral in Little Rock, AR which is the church where Bishop Kennebrew pastors and it was held on Saturday, 24-Sept-2016. The service was well attended by many from far and near. Our newly elected National President, Bishop Lindsay Jones and wife Santa were also present and Bishop Jones gave a stirring message about why we should pray for leadership and how God would bless through godly leadership. The robing ceremony was truly a blessing for all who witnessed. Each piece of garment had a very distinct meaning and biblical connections and was explained to the congregation during the ceremony.
The Great Southwestern Diocese and National President Lindsay Jones are to be commended for working together and presenting a “Ceremony of Celebration” of high quality and will forever be remembered.

God’s Bountiful Blessings on each of you,
Bro. Kerry J. Allen, Ambassador
Church of Christ (Holiness) USA